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Q: Guys, this looks like a lot of stuff.

A: You might be surprised at how much you'll use.

What matters is that:

  • We included everything you'll need or want out there—expert or beginner—and almost nothing you won't

  • It all fits nicely into the Outback or backpack it comes in, and is organized in groups that make sense

  • Each piece was chosen after careful deliberation. This is the gear you've dreamed about trying. If you haven't been camping in 15 years, you're in for a treat.

  • Feel free to leave at home what you're certain you won't need. Just consider your own safety. And get it all back to us.

All about the 


What's Included


Heimplanet The Cave tent

Heimplanet pump

Groundcover for The Cave tent

Exped Megamat Duo 10 sleeping mat

Exped pump bag inflater

Wool blanket

Tencel sheets and pillowcases

Feather pillows

Down comforter

Linen duvet cover

For extra warmth on cold nights, Rumpl down blanket


Solo Stove Bonfire

Yeti cooler

Lodge cast iron tripod

Stainless grill grate

Bear canister

Folding table

5 gal glass water jug

YETI ice packs

Perrier water

Chameleon cold brew

Acacia endgrain cutting board

Silicone bowls and cups

Cast iron skillet

Stainless spatula

Silicone spatula

Saucepan with lid

Water kettle with pour spout for pourover coffee

Glow-in-the-dark silicone pint glasses

Marshmallow/sausage roasting sticks

Chef's knife

Olive wood serving spoon

Meat thermometer

Grill tongs

Water filtration system

Steel growler bottle

Large thermos

Hydro Flask personal bottles

Quick cooking kit with compressed alcohol fuel, should you want to get moving quickly in the morning

Two titanium sporks

Nomex heat-proof glove

Salt and pepper grinders

Small sponge

Chain mail pot/pan scrubber

Bottle opener

Leaf soap


Copper V60 brewer + filters

Hand-crank  burr coffee grinder

Digital timer

Two silicone expandable mugs

Two stainless tea steepers

Coffee beans



Two REI camp chairs

Goal Zero Nomad 28 Plus solar panel

Omnicharge 120 smart battery pack

ENO Doublenest hammock and straps

Large "Wilderness Wipes" for cleaning one's body sans shower

Bear spray

Collapsible saw

RX Bars

Compression drysacks for clothes

LED head lamps

Maps/guides for the area you're going, if we have them

Compass, instructions


Waterproof notebook and pen

Extra batteries for headlamps

Bear locks for Yeti cooler

Pencil torch

Bic flexible stick lighter

Firestarter sticks (8 per 2-night trip)


Two handkerchiefs

Biodegradable chemical hand warmers

Two body-size packtowels

Two face-size packtowels

Compressed towels/wipes


Hand-size Wilderness Wipes


Bug spray

No-rinse shampoo

Technu poison plant wash


Cabin Porn (a safe-for-work book)

100 years of the best American short stories

Nerf finned football


"Look Big," about how to interact with fauna

Set of plant/animal"finder" dichotomy guides

SAS Survival Guide

Codenames duo or Codenames game

Two Osprey Talon 6 waist packs to use as day packs

Nikon 1 AW1 water & shock resistant camera


ACR ResQLink+ personal locator beacon

Swiss Army multi-tools

Extra flashlight

Tent and sleeping pad repair kit

Fixed blade survival knife

Heat-reflecting blanket

Extensive first-aid kit with emergency tinder and firestarters

"Minibar" (Pay to use ~ at fair prices)

  • Biofreeze pain relieving gel

  • Saltstick electrolyte packet

  • Perrier cans

  • Extra tube of compressed wipes

  • RX Bars

  • Extra hand wipes

  • Extra hand warmers (2 packs of 2 warmers, 4 warmers total)

  • Extra can of isopro fuel

  • Water filtration (cost is for portion of replacement filter)

  • Freeze-dried breakfast

  • Freeze-dried dinner

  • Soylent -- bag contains five person-meals

  • Emergency supplies bag

  • Homing beacon (price our recharge cost) PLUS cost of professional rescue

All about the 



What's Included

Osprey (need model name) size small
REI Flash 65 pack size medium
silicone pack cover
Old Camelbak daypack
Light red daypack

REI Half Dome 2
Half dome 2 footprint

REI bag (long)
Kelty down women's warm
Thermarest Prolight ultralight pad (regular length)
Thermarest women's pad (thicker)
Inflatable camping pillow (2x)
Silk sleeping bag liners (2x)

REI Flexlite chairs (2X)
REI Flexlite table

Jetboil stove
Jetboil pot
Jetboil fuel can crusher
Jetboil utensil set
Jetboil fuel cans (one at least half full and one extra)
Titanium sporks (2X)
Silicone X-bowls (2X)
Silicone X-mugs (2X)
Small plastic cutting board
IKEA small chef's knife (borrow from Syd)
Tiny coffee brewer
RealSalt and some lightweight pepper grinder
Half of a blue sponge

Wilderness survival book
First aid kit
Additions to kit - recs in book & from my car kit list
Emergency beacon
Emergency bivvys (2x)
Tent/bag repair kit
Tinder for lighting fires
Waterproof matches
Esbit stove
Esbit cubes
Extra soap strips


Nice fire-lighting tool
All-steel large water bottle
Hydro Flask coffee flask 16oz (2x)
Large (body) Wilderness Wipes
Chemical hand & foot warmers
Maps of area you're going to
Garmin GPS
Headlamps (2x)
Extra batteries (rechargable)
Leatherman Wave
Bear spray
Bear cache for food
Water filter
Goal Zero Nomad 14 Plus solar panel
Omnicharge (small) battery/charging pack
Two handkerchiefs in baggie
Waterproof pen and notebook with at least half pages
Tick tool, magnifiying glass, and instructions

Mini sunscreen, bugspray, no-rinse shampoo, Technu
Body packtowels (2x)
Face packtowels (2x)
Soap strips

Collapsible trowel
Canister for compressed wipes
Compressed wipes
Small pack of hand wipes
Dropper for wetting wipes
Funnel for refilling dropper

Tiny Nerf finned football (?)
Tree Finder guide

Large compression sack w/straps for dirties
Medium silicone sacks (2x)
Small silicone sacks (2x)


"Minibar" (Pay to use ~ at fair prices)

  • Soylent - half package

  • 1 lunch/dinner type dehydrated meal

  • 1 breakfast-type dehydrated meal

  • Saltstick packets (Four 3-capsule packets per 2-day trip)

  • Biofreeze packets

  • RX bars

  • Extra hand wipes

  • Extra hand warmers

  • Emergency supplies bag

  • Homing beacon - price is our recharge cost PLUS cost of professional rescue