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We rent primo camping gear
in complete kits
to our neighbors across Washington, DC
Spend days outdoors
without buying a closet full of gear

The Trailhead Outdoor Journey Cooperative

is a new way to rent gear.

Choose a kit

All are complete with the best gear for comfort & safety. Just add clothes & food


Where and when you need, assuming it's in The District or near it


Go anywhere that overnights

aren't prohibited 

('cause the gear can)

We pick it up

And ask you whether you'd change anything next time

Everyone who sometimes wants to

stay outside shouldn't have to buy (or own)

a metric #*!%ton of stuff.

A preview of the top-flight gear you can use:

We've got you covered.

“Smith was meticulous in curating Trailhead’s inventory. ... [T]he real fun came in rummaging through all the classy waxed-canvas bags to see what goodies the camping fairy had bequeathed.”


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